2018. február 8., csütörtök

Letters From The Bed

Dear Elon Musk!
Launching rockets to space and bringing them back is really great and believe me that I admire your achievements, your path and your vision. I know that my children will grow up in a better world because of you, and they will understand your historic importance. However, being sick again while trying to manage children, household and work makes me wish that you please invest in researches of nanorobots or any other solution that can identify and instantly kill viruses and bacteria (but most importantly, viruses) because that would be when I say the future is here.
I know that viruses are Nature's last resort for overpopulation, but I think we will manage without them. We are a smart species.
Yours sincerely,

Dear Nature,
how about a deal?
We promise that we take better care of you and also promise to solve our overpopulation issues somehow (by going into space for example), and in return you stop your stronger and stronger viruses and adapting bacteria for good.
Awaiting your answer,

Dear body,
if this is you saying that you get too much stress then please tell me another way. There is no need to catch all viruses and bacteria in the air, one will do.
Oh true, one did not do it because I still continued my ordinary time table.
But how about a suggestion: if you feel that there is too much stress in our life, just make some of my hair grey like everyone else's body does. I'll understand, believe me.
Thanks in advance,

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